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Wedding makeup tips

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Your WEDDING DAY is the time to pull out all of the stops! It is a special day that will be filled with wonderful memories. So your makeup should be a BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS reflection of the love and happiness that you will surely feel on this momentous occasion. Here are some makeup tips to help you create the perfect look that will last throughout your wonderful day.



When it comes to wedding makeup, EYELINER is the first thing that I recommend.

Eyeliner helps to frame your eyes and make them look big and bright in photos.

No Matter what kind of eyeliner you choose – powder, pencil, gel, or liquid – it will enhance the beauty of your eyes.


You can use two different shades of blush: a soft natural color and a slightly brighter shade in the same color family.

Two hues give the cheeks a pop of color and also helps blush last longer.

You can go with Matte blush or even have a touch of shimmer on the cheeks, which makes the color look like it’s radiating from within.


Although shimmer makeup can give you that healthy glow, it must be balanced

because too much will make you look like a glitter ball.

For example, if you are doing a shimmery eye, then do Matte lips.

This balance is especially important for a bride because it prevents her face from looking really sparkly in pictures.


While it may not rain on your Wedding Day, there will be one water-related obstacle you’ll have to deal with: tears and plenty of them.

Matte Makeup artistry’s advice is to avoid a wedding makeup meltdown by choosing products that are long-wearing and water-resistant.

In the end the most important part of your Wedding Day is how you FEEL. And if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful.
So Matte artistry
suggests embracing your individual style and don’t be afraid of a little color.
You should feel like the most beautiful bride in the world on your Wedding Day, and it is my mission to see that you realize that vision.


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